1 July 2016

A little while ago, we returned from the Holy Mountain. In fact, we left the day the president of Russia arrived! It was useful to be on the Holy Mountain with the new map, and to get helpful comments, input, and suggestions – most of which will be included in future issues of the map. The responses via email have also been much appreciated, and again most suggestions will be implemented.

We are working on more detailed maps of some areas of the Holy Mountain, particularly the Kapsala area around Karyes. We have had a request for a basic map of Dafni, to help the first time pilgrims, and also a map of Ouranopoli to show the location of the pilgrim’s office and other points of interest. Furthermore, we have been asked to provide an overview map showing all the principal paths as well as the pages on which these maps are located.

We have trialled a single A3 double sided waterproof map at a scale of 1 to 50,000 of the Holy Mountain which is sufficient for a pilgrim to have in his pocket. We have selected a suitable paper for this, as the first paper trial had problems with toner adhesion. When this is released, we would welcome feedback on this option. We are considering presenting it in a clear acetate package with a neck lanyard, would this be useful?

Many have also asked about an ‘app’. Yes, we have one, and it works quite well, as it does not need an internet connection to work – all the data is on the device. It works on iOS and Android. When the updated base map is complete, we will edit it for this platform, and see where we are on the other matters (copyright, sell price and marketing). We will keep you updated on the ‘app’ development.

Peter Howorth