The story of the Map

In 1941 a relative of my wife was wounded in the battle of Crete, captured and sent to a prisoner-of-war hospital in Thessaloniki. He escaped and made his way on foot to the Holy Mountain.

For many months he was sheltered by the monks and then was able to escape and eventually found his way back to his unit in Syria.

Dare to be FreeHe wrote a book about his experiences, called ‘Dare to be Free’. It was a best seller after the war.

A few years ago, he decided to republish this book and I was asked to do the maps for it.

I became fascinated with the descriptions of the Holy Mountain and eventually found my way there, as part of the path-clearing team for the Friends of Mount Athos.

When I was asked about the reasons for my being drawn to the Holy Mountain, I said it was because I drew some maps. I was then handed a compact disc full of GPS tracks, and told that they would like a map.

I have been joined by others who have developed a love for the landscape and the Holy Community. And the result, after much hard work, is this map, which is the most up to date Pilgrim Map of Mount Athos.

Peter Howorth